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Product orders

According to Russian laws, to execute cooperation the applicant has to forward an original official request for supply of military products signed by an authorized representative of the foreign customer stating names/designations and quantity of military products, and the end user country.

The following documents should be submitted later on:

1) A notarized copy of a document granting the right to the foreign customer for foreign economic activity concerning military products;

2) Notarized copies of а Certificate of incorporation and/or statute/charter;

3) A document confirming the competence of the foreign customer to act  on behalf of the authorized body of the foreign state - the receiver of the military product;

4) An original End User Certificate legalized in due order stating the commitment of the authorized body of the foreign state to use military products exported from the Russian Federation to their declared purposes only and neither re-export nor transfer them to a third country without a written consent by the Russian Federation.


1.         Documents issued at the territory of a foreign state are subject to consular legalization, that is they must be translated into the Russian language and duly authenticated by the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy in the country of the company incorporation and that of the end user, respectively.

2.         Documents as per items 1), 2), and 3) are to be submitted if the foreign purchasing customer is not the end user of deliverable military products.

Prerequisites for a visit to KBM:

The following information should be sent no later than a month before the planned date of visit to fax No.: +7-4966-13-30-64 or e-mail:

  • Company name
  • Visit purpose and date
  • List of issues for discussions
  • Personal data about team members:
    • first and last name
    • position
    • passport copy.