ATAKA-T guided weapon system

КБМ Коломна КУВ "Атака-Т"


Designed to defeat stationary and moving fielded and future main battle tanks, other armoured (IFVs, APCs) and small-size (like pillboxes and bunkers) targets, fortified assets, manpower under cover and in the open as well as aerial low-level targets flying at speeds of up 400 km/h in the day- and night-time and surface small-displacement vessels.

The ATAKA-T guided weapon system (GWS) (industrial code B07S1) is intended for installation in turrets and fighting  compartments of various combat vehicles based on a tank chassis (e.g., tank support combat vehicle (TSCV), BMPT[TSCV]-72), IFVs, APCs, tractors, and other military trucks, ship-borne mounts, including those of foreign origin.


The GWS is composed of system equipment, combat equipment, maintenance facilities, training aids and equipment:
- B07S1.01.000 launcher;
- VIAM.461112.001 ground-based control equipment;
- 9M120-1 antitank guided missile;
- 9M120-1F guided missile;
- 9M120-1F-1 guided missile;
- 9M120-1 PRAKT practice missile;
- Group SPTA kits for GWS components;
- 9M120 MAKET dummy article;
- 242-EDM.000 electrical, weight and size, data recording dummy;
- 199.PK.200 gauge.


Ataka-T GWS specifications



Missile guidance

Semiautomatic laser beam riding

Laying angles for 9M120-1 missile:

         - in azimuth, deg.

         - in elevation, deg.


360 (due to turret rotation)

From minus 10 to plus 25

Firing range of 9M120-1 missile, km

From 0.4 to 6.0

Target altitude with reference to carrier datum
(for 9M120-1 missile), km

From 0.0 to 2.0

(maximum target altitude is ensured over range of 3.3±0.5 km)

Number of targets engaged simultaneously


Missile launch mode


Rate of fire, rounds./min.


Selection of missiles by warhead type


Armour penetration behind ERA
(for 9M120-1 missile), mm

800, minimum

Time of flight to 5 km, s

14.5, max.

Average flight speed


Reaction time (minimum time for GWS to launch missile after achieving fully operational state), s

Less than 1.2

Number of missiles loaded on launcher, pcs.

Up to 4

Time for manual loading/unloading of one launcher guide, s

30, max.

Requirements for Ataka-T GWS carrier

Specifications of carrier's fire control system required for appropriate B05S011 GWS operation



Misalignment between axis of zero commands of information-field far-range channel and line of sight of optical channel, second of arc

30.0, max.

Misalignment of line of sight of IIR-channel narrow field with respect to optical channel, second of arc

30.0 max.

Laying angles of line of sight (LOS), deg.

- up

- down


30.0, min.

10.0, min.

Maximum available angular rate of LOS laying, deg./s

4.0, min.

Target centre LOS tracking error, mils

- for target range of 5000 m

- for target range of 50 m


0.1, max.

0.5, max.

Launcher stabilization error over entire range of launcher laying, minutes of arc

- for stationary target

- for moving target


10.0, max.

20.0, max.

Maximum launcher slew rate, deg./s

- yaw

- pitch


6.0, min.

6.0, min.

CV speed, incl. on rough terrain, with operating GWS, km/h

65, max.

Missile flight mode
(set by carrier FCS)

- LOS flight;

- 4 to 8 meters above LOS for DUST firing mode to ranges between 1500 and 5500 meters

Initial missile flight mode when carrier FCS is switched over to GWS mode prior to range finding (set by carrier FCS)

LOS flight
when initial target range is automatically set to 6000 meters

Requirements for target range finding by carrier equipment:

- for missile's LOS flight mode


- for missile's above-LOS flight mode

- when initial target range is automatically set to 6000 meters, no range finding is required before launch;

- target range must be measured before missile launch within ± 50 meters

KBM R&P Corp., JSC, is the manufacturer of 9M120-1, 9M120-1F, 9M120-1F-1 missiles and B07S1.01.000 launchers (versions 1 and 2) and renders services for the guided weapon system support.

B07S1.01.000 launcher

The B07S1.01.000 launcher is used to mount, secure, and launch 9M120-1, 9M120-1Ф, 9M120-1Ф-1 guided missiles.

The B07S1.01.000 launcher includes the following components:

Version 1:
- B07S1.01.150 left-side launch module;
- B07S1.01.160 right-side launch module;
- B07S1.01.130 cover (two pieces);
- B07S1.01.200 individual SPTA kit.

Version 2:
- B07S1.01.350 left-side launch module;
- B07S1.01.360 right-side launch module;
- B07S1.01.200 individual SPTA kit.

A B07S1.01.300 group SPTA kit for 30 B07S1.01.000 launchers and a set of service documentation were developed for the B07S1.01.000 launcher.

КБМ Коломна КУВ "Атака-Т" КБМ Коломна КУВ "Атака-Т"
Right-side launch module 9М120-1 missiles loaded on BMPT GWS

Launcher specifications:

Number of launcher-mounted missiles:


Launcher weight without package:

            B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 1

            B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 2


108 kg, max.

119 kg, max.

Missile arrangement on launch module:

            B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 1

            B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 2



staggered outwards

Overall dimensions of launcher components:

 B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 1:

            - B07S1.01.150 left-side launch module

            - B07S1.01.160 right-side launch module

 B07S1.01.000 launcher, version 2:

            - B07S1.01.350 left-side launch module

            - B07S1.01.360 right-side launch module



920х263х431 mm, max.

920х263х431 mm, max.


920х418х330 mm, max.

920х418х330 mm, max.