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9K338 Igla-S man-portable air defence system

ПЗРК "Игла-С" КБМ Коломна


Round-the-clock close air protection of armed forces subunits, military and civilian assets from attacks by tactical aircraft (fighters, assault aircraft, fighter-bombers), fire-support combat helicopters as well as neutralization of cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles in head-on and tail-chase engagements against clutter background and in countermeasure environment when they are visually observed.
The Igla-S MANPADS is a new-generation system with a new performance capability for this weapon type – high kill probability of such small-size targets as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.



 ПЗРК "Игла-С" КБМ КоломнаMajor features of Igla-S MANPADS:

  • considerably improved effectiveness of air target destruction and warhead lethality resulting from:
    • increased weight of explosive (1.5-fold as compared with Igla missile);
    • introduction of a proximity fuze in addition to the existing impact fuze and optimization of their co-operation for target engagement;
    • sustainer's detonable propellant;
    • improved missile accuracy to hit vulnerable aircraft locations
  • target range increase to 6.0km vs. 5.2km of Igla missile due to improved missile aerodynamics and a proportional actuator;
  • night-fire capability with a night sight;
  • easy installation on various carriers.

The 9S846 Strelets set of control equipment and launch modules provides for:

  • development of mobile short-range air defence systems;
  • fitting of SAMs to air-defence artillery mounts;
  • development of heli-borne air-to-air guided weapon systems;
  • development of light ship-borne SAM systems.
  • The Igla-S system is a new member of the Igla MANPADS family exceeding its predecessors in effectiveness, reliability, survivability while retaining their best features:

    • single-operator shoulder firing;
    • fire-and-forget mode of operation;
    • high counter-countermeasure (CCM) capability in heavy (background) clutter and countermeasure environment;
    • simple aiming and launch procedures;
    • high operational reliability;
    • low-signature combat employment;
    • ability to remain operational under extreme operational conditions.

System specifications:

 Target altitude, m


 Target range, m


 Target speed, m/s:

            head-on engagement

 Up to 400

            tail-chase engagement

 Up to 320

 Combat equipment weight, kg
 (in combat position)


Major missile specifications:

 Missile calibre, mm


 Missile length, mm


 Missile launch weight, kg



Solid propellant

 Time to change over from travelling to combat position, s

Less than 13


Solid-propellant, two-thrust


Blast fragmentation with proximity and impact fuze

 Aerodynamic configuration


 Flight control

Aerodynamic surfaces, powder thruster at initial trajectory


Optical, two-colour, homing (passive)

 Control system


System components:

  • combat equipment (CE):
    • 9M342 missile (in 9P338 launch tube with 9B238-1 (9B238) coolant and battery unit);
    • 9P522 launching mechanism;
  • maintenance facilities:
    • 9V866-2 test vehicle;
    • 9F719-2 test equipment set (for depots and arsenals);
  • training aids:
    • 9F663 training set;
    • 9F635 (9F635M1) field trainer;
    • 9K338-MAKET combat equipment size and weight mock-up set;
    • 9K338-RAZR combat equipment cut-away training dummy set;
    • 9F859 universal complex simulator;
    • 9F874 unified indoor simulator;
    • 9F877 computerized training class.