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Verba man-portable air-defence system

КБМ Коломна ПЗРК "Верба"Purpose

The 9K333 Verba MANPADS is designed to defeat approaching

and receding fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft,

unmanned aerial vehicles,

and cruise missiles in optical countermeasure environment

and by night when the target is visually observed.

The system can be operated in any natural regions,

including mountains and maritime areas, at temperatures

ranging from minus 50 to +50° C.




КБМ Коломна ПЗРК "Верба"

Verba MANPADS features:

- the new Verba MANPADS outperforms earlier-generation systems by 1.5 to 2 times, particularly at distances in excess of 3km;

- the counter-countermeasure capability against powerful pyrotechnical decoys is 10 times as high;

- the engagement envelope for targets with a low thermal emission is expanded by 2.5 times due to increased sensitivity of the missile's seeker;

- the new Verba MANPADS can be used more effectively in the air defence system to counter UAVs and other IR-low-signature targets;

- the ground-based IFF interrogator is re-established as the system component;

- the operational temperature range is extended to minus 50° C;

- the combat equipment weight is reduced as compared to the predecessor, Igla-S MANPADS;

- the Verba MANPADS missile can be used not only for firing from shoulder but also as a standardized interservice weapon system to engage air targets from various ground-, air-, and sea-based platforms.


The Verba MANPADS is a successor to the Igla-S MANPADS with better performance and legacy advantages:

- shoulder launch by an individual operator;

- fire-and-forget capability;

- high CCM capability in natural background clutter and man-made countermeasure environment;

- easy operation at aiming and firing;

- high operational reliability;

- high concealment of operation, retention of functionality under extreme operational conditions.

Verba MANPADS major specifications


Target range,  m

500 to 6 000

Target altitude, m

10 to 3 500

Target cross-over range, m

Up to 3 000

Target velocity, m/s

- 400, approaching

- up to 320, receding

Combat equipment weight, kg


Missile diameter, mm


Missile seeker

Tri-mode, passive homing

Missile warhead

Blast-fragmentation, with impact and proximity fuze

Warhead weight, kg


Detonability of missile's remaining propellant


Change over of system combat equipment from travelling to combat position, s

12, max.

Operational temperature range, оC

Minus 50 to plus 50



MANPADS components

Combat equipment:

- 9M336 missile in launch tube;

- 9P521 launching mechanism;

- 1L229V ground-based IFF interrogator.

Maintenance facilities:

- 9V681 test vehicle;

- 9V682 depot and arsenal test equipment.

Training aids are consolidated as an all-in-one 9F879 training system, including:

- 9F877 MANPADS computerized training class;

- 9F874 unified indoor simulator for Igla-family MANPADS operators;

- 9F859 universal complex simulator;

- 9F663M tactical field training set;

- 9F635M1 upgraded field trainer for Igla-family MANPADS operators;

- 9K333, 9K333-MAKET set of size-and-weight full-scale dummies.

 The Verba MANPADS can be equipped with target detection, recognition, designation, and cuing means to improve its combat efficiency.